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The Power of Multilingual Content in the Indian Healthcare Industry

Power of multi-langual content on website

by Dr. Nikhil Varude | 5 June 2023

Multilingual content helps bridge the communication gap between providers and patients, ensuring information reaches a wider audience.

According to a study by Google and KPMG, 90% of Indian internet users prefer consuming content in their native language. This highlights the importance of creating content in regional languages to increase patient engagement and establish trust with the audience.

Creating Content Regional Languages

Creating content in regional languages has several benefits:

1. Reaching a Wider Audience:

With content available in multiple languages, healthcare providers can reach out to a larger demographic, breaking language barriers.

2. Increased Patient Engagement:

Patients are more likely to healthcare content in their native language, leading to better understanding and improved health outcomes.

3. Cultural Sensitivity:

Multilingual content allows healthcare providers to address the unique sensitivities and of different regions, impacts healthcare education and promotion.

Data and Statistics

Several studies have shown that patients in India prefer to read healthcare content in their native language. For instance, a survey conducted by the Indian Health Organisation that 57% of respondents preferred to read healthcare information in their native language.

Another study by Practo found that 61% of patients feel more comfortable discussing health concerns in their native language.


Tips for Creating High-Quality Multilingual Healthcare Content


1. Partner with Regional Experts: Collaborate with regional experts to create accurate and culturally sensitive content that resonates with the target audience.

2. Translate Clinical Terminologies: Ensure that clinical terminologies are translated accurately so that the content is easily understood by patients.

3. Create Informative Visual Aids: Use visual aids, such as infographics and videos, to explain and conditions. These aids are universally appealing and transcend language barriers.

Importance of Cultural Sensitivities

While creating multilingual healthcare content, it is essential to consider cultural sensitivities. India is a systems. Content creators be aware of these nuances and create content that is sensitive to the audience’s beliefs and values.

In conclusion, multilingual content has immense potential in the Indian healthcare industry. By adopting a strategic approach while creating high-quality content in regional languages, healthcare providers can connect with patients on ultimately improve health outcomes.

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